About me

A few words about me...

A programmer by choice, education and interests.

I'm interested in the rapid development of Internet technology, I'm not afraid to implement new technologies and libraries that are available on the market.

My job is programming - I'm backend developer. I create CMSes (content management systems) for websites and deal with coding online stores.

I am not proponent of ready-made systems (such Open Source CMS systems is fully in the network). I believe that if he will write the appropriate functionality, I know that it will work fine, I have full control over the code and I can adapt to the needs of each client.

Creating websites is for me daily life, because all the time I'm looking for new challenges. I'm not afraid of large projects. The more difficult job, the more satisfaction with the finished project.

With technologies what I use, well, I try to be up to date and always use the latest solutions. Of course PHP - this is base for all my works. I'm using frameworks - are useful and streamline workflows. At the moment, since two years I use CakePHP both the older version 1.3 and the latest 2.3. I am currently learning Symfony2, because it can not be confined to only one technology. jQuery and various libraries, such as Mobile and UI are not foreign to me. Often their I am using - they give really great opportunities, which could be really a lot to write about. Although dealing with programming that I can cope with style sheets - CSS, LESS.

Finally, a bit about my hobby, which is manifested in the creation of applications on the Android platform. Only recently have I started to create my first applications, but I hope that in the near future will be more effective.

And that's it, everything about me. All the above can be summarized in one word - Programmer.